Vendor Spotlight: Deep Blu Entertainment

At the garden, we get to work with some pretty amazing vendors on a daily basis. From wedding receptions, to corporate meetings, to bar mitzvahs and everything in between, the rental team at the garden works with some incredible event professionals in the Memphis area. To spotlight a few of the many great vendors we work with, we asked some questions to put ourselves in their shoes during events.

Jimmy Harris with Deep Blu Entertainment brings the party to any event. Deep Blu Entertainment is an award winning entertainment company known for their impeccable customer service. They have been featured in Billboard, Southern Bride, Rolling Stone, Spin, Borrowed & Blue, and MTV Music Television.


Q: Do you have a go to play list for events?

A: No we do not typically use a go-to playlist for any event, but there are songs that usually work most of the time, so those are usually included in our list of "songs that are popular with any age group". These songs almost always work with any type of crowd, so we do play them a lot. Keep in mind that this group of songs changes from season to season, based on what is popular at the time. Popularity of music is very cyclical, so it is imperative that we keep track of the types of music that change in popularity.


Q: What is your favorite event to DJ?

A: Our favorite events to DJ would be weddings. That's what we specialize in, so that's what we usually stick to.


Q: What makes for a smooth event DJ experience?

A: It is very important for us to maintain a high level of flexibility so that we can accommodate the wishes of our clients and to be able to "move and shake" at a moment's notice. When clients approach their wedding event with as much flexibility as we do when we walk in the door, THAT makes for an even smoother wedding event.


Q: What do you enjoy the most about your job?

A: The fact we get to be a part of a moment in a couple's history is the most precious element of doing what we do. We are there at the very onset of their new lives together, and that is a real honor.


Q: What music do you find brides and grooms enjoy the most?

A: As stated before, different types of music change in their level of popularity over time. Right now, the pop music of the late 90s and early 2000s (also knows as "Pop 2K") is what's really hot right now.


Q: Why do you enjoy working at the Memphis Botanic Garden?

A: We enjoy entertaining at the MBG because the level of professionalism exhibited by the management and staff is very consistent and pleasant.


Q: What brings you back to the Garden?

A: We always go where our clients want us to go, so we tend to return to the MBC because that's where a lot of our clients are, and we love that!


Q: Any advice?

A: If I had any advice to give to our potential clients it would be this: ENJOY your wedding day and allow the professionals you've hired to take care of you. Take your hands off the wheel and just let go. Your diligence in researching who the best fit for your wedding day is will reward you abundantly if you allow them to do what they do best. Also, try to be flexible. Perfection in any wedding event is only attained if you allow your event to flow organically.


Thank you, Jimmy for providing some insight on event entertainment. For more information about using Deep Blu Entertainment for your event, please contact Jimmy at

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